Privacy Policy

What Information Do ULTRA MATRIMONY collects from you?

ULTRA MATRIMONY is a one-stop solution (From match making to honeymoon package). It has been designed keeping in mind our customer. Primarily we would be collecting the information with regard to your personal profile details which will be adequately required for the search of the partner of your preference. Details pertaining to contact and financial information will be kept confidential.


How the information is used by the site it collects ?

ULTRA MATRIMONY basically collects the information so as to find the perfect match for the customers
Who register themselves and provide them with a personalized experience.


With whom ULTRA MATRIMONY shares the information it collects ?

The information which is collected by ULTRA MATRIMONY is not shared with our associated partners and also not with anyone else without the prior approval.
ULTRA MATRIMONY does not sell or rent the information  to any of its third party . The information provided by the customers is kept fully secured. However we need to share the information whenever required by the law so as to protect the rights of our website.


Do visitors need to pay ?

All visitors can browse the website ,write the blogs and articles ,search for the ads and
Also can view the features what the website has to offer .All this could be done without
Paying the money.


Details about the links with other websites ?

ULTRA MATRIMONY will be containing a lot many other links of the websites. So, as a request we would like you to be aware of the privacy policies of the other websites if it asks for personal information. ULTRA MATRIMONY will not be responsible for the privacy policies of other websites.


How to correct and update the profile ?

In ULTRA MATRIMONY the profile can be updated and corrected whenever required but the financial information cannot be changed from time to time.


How to withdraw from the membership ?

ULTRA MATRIMONY profile can be deleted by going into the settings Tab and providing a reason below.


How will changes in privacy policy will reflect ?

The changes in privacy policy if happens will be posted on every page so that it is not missed out by the customers so as to keep you updated on whatever we do with your
Valuable information and if at any point of time if the personal information is required then it will be notified to you through an e-mail asking your permission to whether use it or not.


How many profile could be contact within a day ?

For a registered member the maximum of profile visits is 50.


Tell me about the e-mail policy of ULTRA MATRIMONY ?

As a matter of security we would be sending an e-mail at each point of time whenever you make changes in your profile and also we would be sending mails regarding suitable
Matches. Also promotional offers from our partners


Security regarding the personal information ?

ULTRA MATRIMONY takes care of the personal information in every aspect. Best software encryption in the industry SSL is being used and as such during the registration process the credit/debit card details are encrypted and protected. We also prevent the misuse of photographs by engraving a hologram of ULTRA MATRIMONY on it so that even if it is downloaded it would be having a

How to contact Ultra Rich ?
Contact : 09909999656 or 09909999659